Sunday, March 25, 2012

KT Redesigns The Semi-Private Room

It was inevitable.  One of the lighter aspects of the past few days was provided by New Mom re-inventing the semi-private hospital room she has largely been confined to.  She's always had a flare for interior decorating, and - in addition to her penchant for being ultra-organized (she invented the term "spreadshit" to describe the family obsession with same) - it was only a matter of time, we suppose, until she took on something like this.  The day after she was admitted and C-sectioned, the place was transformed - as much as an institutional space can be, overnight.  It goes without saying that her text-friendly cellphone and iPad were back in business in 24 hours, and that she commandeered hubby's iPhone almost immediately for HD photography and videos of The Babe.  In addition, excess clothes and precious gifts from well-wishers were sent home for safekeeping, and to create usable space.  Then hospital staff were requested to take away the electric fan and other superfluous equipment, etc. cluttering her vanity area.  Next, the narrow standard-issue wheeled dinner table was converted into a mini-desk (all those pamphlets to read and forms to fill out, you know - plus her stash of chocolate, of course).  Even the curtains intended to provide some semi-privacy were re-arranged to do just that - with a slight re-pinning to allow an unobstructed view of Home and Garden TV.  (New Dad had already been enlisted to get the aging television hanging from the ceiling to work properly.)  In short, "a place for everything and everything in its place" - so much so that visitors were visibly taken aback at the transformation.  Listen up hospital administrators everywhere: those rooms needn't appear so dowdy and cluttered - just ask KT!