Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Most Interesting Man 10

Tall and good-looking, he is a born outdoorsman - a longtime denizen of Waterton Lakes National Park.  As the gregarious tour guide on the International, he kept the passengers apprised of the local flora and fauna (and in stitches thanks to his stand-up comedy) as that ancient ship plied those storied waters.  His early goal was to eschew stuff, possessing only those worldly goods that he could pack into his car, but then he met Her - a fellow boat person, and future soulmate!  A career evolved thereafter, our hero studying his buns off to enter that most hallowed of professions; paramedic-firefighter.  One who risks life and limb for his fellow man.  First comes love, then comes marriage ...  New adventures beckoned he and his bride, always somewhere exotic and adventurous for him (and with a white sand beach and boat drinks for her) - hiking, zip-lining, scuba diving, tsunami-watching, and the like.  (Did I mention he is a Maya worshipper and harmonicat?)  Domestic duties seem only to highlight other of his innate abilities, having landscaped two properties in three years (the last showcasing a fence worthy of Fort Knox), as he feathered their nests.  And somewhere along the way he again learned to like stuff; five flat screens for two people (but it is a big house, we admit). ... Then comes our hero with a baby carriage!  Who is this solid citizen, this hockey hound, this surround-sound sports fan, this special dad?  He is The Most Interesting Man in The World!