Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Most Interesting Woman in the World 6

Today is her day.  She shone as a skipper in the Queen Charlottes, hauling seventy pound weights and fifty pound fish aboard with aplomb - and wound up a cover girl!  Born in England, she's well-travelled - from Machu Picchu to Montreal, Langley to London, Pincher Creek to Paris - a Spanish-speaking Canadian beauty now ensconced in Cowtown, which is just fine with her.  Down the hallowed halls of BJ she plied her craft as barrister and solicitor, gracing that honourable profession with her intelligence and wit for a time.  Now her days are devoted to her three boys, a handful for any woman!  From Gymboree to Brilliant Beginnings, and the Zoo to the Science Centre, she shuffles her precious charges - seldom finding a moment to put her feet up or take time for herself.  She keeps fit as a fiddle - though surfing, tennis, and the soccer pitch will have to wait for now.  (As will her violin.)  Yes, she is the very model of a modern woman, yet her presence inevitably evokes the term lady.  Who is she?  She is the Most Interesting Woman in the World!