Friday, March 23, 2012

Whoa, That Was Fast!

A new word entered my consciousness yesterday, "preemie" - as in "premature baby".  All babies are special, yet because of the sudden, unexpected arrival of this one, he seems more so right now.  Mother and child are fine, ensconced amid the best medical care on the planet, as Day 2 dawns.  We've been told that today is skin-to-skin contact day, but only for the mother of course.  That's fine with me.  Despite all the time I've spent in hospitals, this is new territory for me.  We've all been very impressed so far with the medical team.  The feeling you get is that they all, every one of them, are in that ward because they want to be there. That's good.  As yesterday's euphoria wears off and the realities of life return, we all know the weeks ahead will be complicated.  This baby has everything going for him though.  From the parents' quick reactions to the prompt, seamless care during delivery, and the obviously dedicated NICU staff, the stars all aligned for him yesterday.  He's a feisty, cute little guy, with amazing parents.  His real advantage in the months ahead, however, is this family - especially its women, who humble me with their knowledge and love everyday.