Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Screen HDTV a Boon to Traders

It must be a little scary being a TV anchor or commentator these day - for no other reason than you're in High Definition.  I have a couple of HDTV's, but they are modest in size, perhaps not pimped out the way they could be, and they certainly suffer from satellite reception issues at our mountainous location out here, so I never really noticed the stunningly beautiful detail HDTV can afford until watching a financial channel on my son-in-law's "big screen" yesterday in the city.  Sure the bad teeth, overdone makeup, crumpled suit - let alone things in the background like windows that could use a wash - immediately jump out at you,  And every nose hair, neck hair, and ear hair stands out as a beacon.  (Heaven help the guy who cuts himself shaving!)  But there's more.  The sadness in one anchor's eyes struck me (must have been a problem at home, or perhaps on the way to work).  And then there's the analyst who - while presenting his research firm's assessment of a company - somehow doesn't come across as 100% convinced himself.  Other details, like the comforting self-confidence of a certain Ms. F.H., came across too.  All really only noticeable on a BIG SCREEN HDTV.  It occurred to me that all this detail can add more than a little nuance to the investor's decision-making process on a particular stock.  That's good for us in TV land, but not necessarily for the people in front of the cameras.  I guess I'll have to blow out a wall in my study, dear, to accommodate a really big screen when I have time.  (And take note CNBC, Bloomberg, and BNN: I hereby refuse to be interviewed on camera - people already can read this ugly mug like a book without a big screen.)