Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Love-in": Welcome to the 60's!

The other day I used the term "love-in" in a conversation with my eldest daughter about some political gathering I'd read about, and she asked me what "that" meant. (Oh, how soon our vocabularies become archaic, like our minds.) "A love-in is a peaceful public gathering focused on meditation, love, music, and/or the use of psychedelic drugs. The term was coined by Los Angeles radio comedian Peter Bergman, who also hosted the first one in March or April 1967 (sources disagree) in Elysian Park. It has been interpreted in different ways by different organizations, but is often connected to protesting local, social or environmental issues. Such protests were often held in opposition to the Vietnam War." (Wikipedia)  Clearly, from the image of the old poster I found, it was held on March 26th.  To which I would add that the meaning of the term has been expanded over time through popular usage to include any gathering of supporters universally in agreement with some idea or concept, where no dissenting opinions are expressed, eg. "the Tea Partiers had a love-in last weekend with the National Rifle Association". Welcome to the 60's, KAT!