Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smarties Proven to Enhance Brain Power

Your humble scribe was never a big chocolate fan until I started spending a lot of time in Europe about twenty years ago, where chocolate is akin to fine wine, fine art, and fine cuisine.  I re-discovered "choco", as my grandson calls it, because it is portable, high-energy, and delicious when you're at high altitude all day in the Alps.  Needless to say, European chocolate is still my fave (although Callebaut will do Out Here).  I have long suspected that said confection may have other - as yet undiscovered - health benefits too.  Just (barely) into my seventh decade, I've long believed that I'm staving off the forgetfulness of old age by eating "Smarties".  I don't "eat the red ones last", I eat them randomly - but I eat them one at a time, savouring the taste, and ... well, I digress.  Now there's scientific proof too: the JAFD today reports that "Smarties enhance brain power when eaten slowly, one at a time.  The mechanism remains to be elucidated."  JAFD?  That's the Journal of April Fool's Data (Note: Smarties are not available in the U.S.).