Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spiralling Beach Ball of Death

SBBOD, an Apple phenomenon, is particularly upsetting to new Mac users (like me).  Just when you want to use the OH2 search function to find that "Yucca Flats" drink recipe or some other such source of enlightenment, there it is - the dreaded SBBOD.  If the SBBOD appears briefly but frequently in your Web browser it's probably "related to issues with managing the browser cache or history. Browser responsiveness tends to decrease with time the longer a browser is open, the more Web pages that have been loaded, and the more Web pages that are open concurrently."  Possible solutions: A. Clear the browser cache. The following describes the procedure for Firefox and Safari (because OH2 appears prettiest in those two); for other browsers, consult the browser's Help link. Firefox: 1. Press Command-Shift-Delete. Choose Tools > Clear Recent History ... The Clear Recent History window opens. 2. Make the appropriate selections. 3. Click Clear Now.  Safari: 1. Do one of the following: Press the Command-Option-E keyboard shortcut. Choose Safari > Empty Cache ... A confirmation dialog opens. 2. Click Empty. B. If the problem persists, quit (Command-Q) and reopen the browser. The browser should perform nominally. C. Consider making the following changes to the browser's preferences, if extant: Increase the disk cache space for previously-visited Web pages. This will permit more Web pages to be cached, reducing the need to reload Web pages if the assigned cache is exhausted. Decrease the retention period for history entries. This will minimize browser effort in managing a large history file. I've also found that running MacKeeper before starting a session of browsing seems to deflate the SBBOD for awhile.