Tuesday, May 1, 2012

800: "What's It All About, Balfie?"

Time for a new photo?
Today's post apparently is #800 since I started Out Here 2 over two years ago, so possibly a brief pause for reflection is in order here.  I know that some of my oldest and most loyal readers at times fail to see any common thread in these scribblings, but in general I would describe my effort as trying to present little snippets of the world as it really is, ie. what I know or believe to be true - rather than the spin-doctored version of events we are spoon-fed everyday by Wall Street, big government, big business, big unions, big media, big shots, etc. - particularly as viewed from rural southwestern Alberta, in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Hopefully, all these snippets add up to a world view (mine) of relevance to some ("but on the weekend ... well, you never know ...").  If not, I hope you will at least find the odd (sometimes really odd) post here and there that will entertain you for a few minutes.  There seem to be about 200 of you who read this space everyday (thanks, by the way), and that number can reach 500, 600, even 1000 a day if I happen to address a hot topic or accidentally use a hot search term in the title.  (I don't play that game on purpose though, it's just so tedious.)  The truth is that I write this blog for myself - and to a lesser extent, for my wife, my children, and my friends.  (When I'm long gone, they can add an "s" to my usual password, print it off and pretty much show the g-g-kids how crazy the old man was.)  Writing has always helped me clarify my thoughts, and priorize (prioritize is the nouveau term, I believe) things for me.  I try to do so without ranting and raving, and with some modicum of decorum.  Expletives are kept to a bare minimum here, and "proppa English" grammar observed throughout 99% of the time because it's important.  As may be obvious to the discerning reader, I read a lot.  The offshoot is that I'll often post the words of others verbatim, always with some reference to the original author.  This is not because I'm lazy (although I am), but because said snippets are sometimes controversial, and always important (or they wouldn't be presented in the first place).  Often these borrowings are longer than I'd like - brevity is next to cleanliness with me - and this epistle is itself getting too long-in-the-tooth.  (Another old saying for you, LEB.)  So, time for a few final words: Writer For Hire.  See ya'll tomorrow!