Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ignorant People Are ... Well, Ignorant

"Ignorance is bliss." How wonderful it must be to be blissfully unaware of how ignorant you are in the eyes of others.  Take the earnest bible-packing youth I saw who challenged passers-by to become "born again", and then spat on the sidewalk (awkwardly at that) when he thought no one was looking.  Or the otherwise efficient and attractive airline stewardess who, once finished servicing her charges and on a well-deserved nutrition break herself, proceeded to chew with her mouth open and smack her lips in plain view of the passengers.  (I nearly gagged.)  Or the dim-witted pair of twenty-year-old basketball fans seated behind my wife and I on the same plane from Chicago to Calgary whose every second word was f@#k.  All four of these young people obviously were clueless that their behaviour instantly marked them as ignorant of the most basic common courtesies, and that they are doomed to remain lower echelon employees all their lives because they are ... well, ignorant.