Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Jewel Of The Canadian West" Launched!

This weekend marks the launch of "Jewel Of The Canadian West", the sister site to "Out Here 2"- but with a decidedly different slant on things.  JOTCW is for those less interested in politics, economics, and world events, and more interested in southwestern Alberta history, culture, and people.  Its a folksy, homey, personal place that lets me explore "regional stuff" in depth, and at a slower pace (roughly once a week, I figure).  A place, kind of like our acreage, where you can sit on the deck with a drink and relax in silence alone on a warm summer evening, watching and listening to nature, or in conversation with good friends.  It can also be a place to let loose, kick back, throw some horseshoes or play pool with familiar tunes serenading (?) y'all in the background after a day spent fixing fences or skiing.  I don't expect it to be all things to all people.  I love this area, and welcome visitors to it, but I also have strong views about preserving it.  I happen to think today's world spins a little too fast sometimes, and that - even if we can't turn the clock back - we can draw on our western Canadian roots for solace.  As you can tell, I see JOTCW encompassing a lot (perhaps even tempting a couple of former OH2 authors to tell a few stories!).  The blog, like The Jewel itself, is a slowly evolving work in progress, and who knows where we'll end up, but I hope you'll check it out.