Monday, May 7, 2012

Lost: The "Occupy Wall Street" Focus

The "Occupy" movement that swept through major cities of the world last summer is about to heat up again, and -  as the temperature rises, and the global economy continues to tank - could get a lot uglier this time around.  I get that the Occupy Movement is now generally about the disparity between rich and poor but, frankly, some people are poor because of their own bad choices in life, dammit.  To me, the Occupy "cause" has been hijacked by every disaffected nut case group under the sun.  In fact, the biggest weakness of the protests last year was the fact that there was no clearly delineated set of demands.  Every man and his dog showed up protesting their own number one pet peeve.  So, what do I mean when I refer to the "1% versus the 99%" in this space?  Well, first of all, my 99% doesn't include animal rights activists, rastafarians, anarchists, eco-freaks, and the other assorted dreadlocked deadbeats of Zuccotti Park.  It does include America's unemployed and increasingly homeless middle class - hardworking intelligent folks who were scammed by Wall Street hotshots and let down by government regulators.  Let's harken back to how it all got started.  The original protest was called "Occupy Wall Street", not "Occupy Calgary" or "Occupy Los Angeles" or "Occupy Timbuktu".  The original protest was about the Wall Street excesses that led to the financial meltdown and the current economic state of affairs.  In my opinion, OWS was all about nailing those responsible (both regulators and banksters) who got away with impoverishing a nation while enriching themselves - the 1% who through their incredible avarice and greed nearly brought the global financial system to ruination.  That's the 1% the Occupy movement should be after, not those successful entrepreneurs who earned every cent they've got producing goods and services while employing legions of Americans.