Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Write Off Toronto Yet

(Toronto Star photo)
Reports of the total demise of T.O. lately are greatly exaggerated.  (I've been there.  The airport is still functioning.)  Toronto has not become a cesspool of punks, anarchists, and gang violence.  It is still possible to go shopping in Eaton Centre safely during daylight hours.  T.O. is not going the way of Detroit: guns, drugs, and crime.  All decent, law-abiding Torontonians are not moving in droves to Montreal.  (Living with the Mafia in Montreal is not that much easier and safer than the out-of-control punks not running rampant in Toronto.)  Don't worry, Rosedale is still beyond the reach of anarchists.  Toronto's black eye from the G-20 violence is not affecting tourism.  No, Toronto is not getting worse.