Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's been awhile since I've been inspired by anybody other than my wonderful family - and certainly awhile since I put digits to word processor (for those who hadn't noticed) - but yesterday that all changed.  A beautiful day outside, and a boring day in the markets, was interrupted by a text message that a friend and neighbour had succumbed overnight to recurrent cancer.  For some reason I thought about this fellow all day, a man I've been acquainted with for over twenty years but never spent much time with.  He was known as a crusty character both professionally and personally, yet in that time he had obviously built a considerable following that highly respected him. The thing that struck me (and that many locals don't realize) was that this man rebuilt his personal life and professional career from what must have been a very low point two decades ago.  Divorced, cancer-stricken, and re-located from the city to a rural hamlet near here, he was at a low ebb when I first met him.  But over the ensuing years he began working again, met and married a wonderful local lady, and seemed to have the Big C beaten.  In fact, he didn't just survive - he thrived.  I give a lot of credit to his wife and his business partner for helping him turn things around, but in the end it was rightfully his comeback.  Some might find him an unlikely source of inspiration.  Not me.