Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ron Paul - What Could've Been

Libertarian Ron Paul is very conservative.  On immigration, he favors ending birthright citizenship and reducing the number of newcomers until the welfare state is dismantled.  He says abortion law should be settled at the state level, but introduced the Sanctity of Life Act to define life as beginning at conception.  He champions the Bill to Audit the Fed and would like to fire Fed Chairman Bernanke.  Unlike Obama, Romney, Ryan and Biden; he served in the military.  He wants military spending cuts, yet still raised more money from active military personnel than all his competitors combined.  Ron Paul's popularity among younger voters - he’s called a “rock star” on the college circuit - stems from the idealism of his politics. Kids rally behind his faith in the future, belief in the individual and confidence in bottom-up decision-making.  Had Romney picked Paul as his running mate, Obama’s youth voter outreach would have imploded.  It would take 77 days to watch all 221,595 election TV ads aired in Ohio, but the data indicates that there was no return on either party’s investment.  Had Romney named Ron Paul as his running mate and Paul picked up just the number of primary votes he received; Romney would have won Ohio, Virginia, and New Hampshire.  Ron Paul’s viral support among college students and singles would have also registered millions of new Republicans, generated volunteers to man thousands of more campaign Republican Headquarters and probably sent Barack Obama into permanent retirement.  Republicans have been humiliated again and are being forced to go through the painful self-reflection that they have no one to blame except themselves for losing to Obama.  Hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes and revive a very effective community organizing strategy for youth around Ron Paul’s Libertarian beliefs that standing for freedom brings people together and Liberty is popular.  (adapted from a Testosterone Pit article by Chriss Street)  OF COURSE, WE'LL NEVER KNOW IF RON PAUL WOULD'VE ACCEPTED.  (I doubt that he would have.)